Wednesday 2 July 2008

A real quicky

Andrew's here, we got the kiln on board his van

Thank you Hannah for the beautiful pot, a lovely surprise.

Handled and decorated tankards, this one's a bit crazy.

More tomorrow, sorry it's so brief, bed time, goodnight.


Ron said...

Yea, Andrew made it. Hope that kiln does the trick for him, and you'll get a little more room in the shed.

Hannah said...

Back on having breakfast with you boys will mine is away. Hope you're all having a good time. Glad you got the prize safely.
Hope the kiln is useful for Andrew. I may know of a source for some 2nd hand brick in the near future tell him, they're up here but they'll be pretty cheap by the sounds of it. They're the heavies.

doug Fitch said...

Yes, let's hope it works. Andrew's trying to work out how to get it off the van at the other end. When my mate John used to deliver dumpy bags of wood to me in his van, we'd tie a rope to the bag, then to the telegraph pole outside the workshop, and he'd drive off. Possibly not such a good idea with a gas kiln.

Thank you very much for the prize Hannah, although I do feel I had rather an advantage with that quiz. I feel even more guilty now that I still haven't posted Ang's little mug yet, I'm so rubbish.

ang design said...

hey doug, well I did try to get my friend to come to you but too late she home had a massive advantage I only recognised hannahs!

gary rith said...

bet you dream of FILLING and DRAINING the tankards, don't you?