Thursday 17 July 2008


All went well with the bisc. Tom and I unpacked it today and processed the glazes. We also got quite a bit of the glazing done, hopefully I'll get it finished tomorrow. Tom's off home tomorrow evening.

Here's one of the little flowerbeds outside the workshop. A few montha go this wa just a pile of broken pots and other junk, it's looking really pretty now. I enjoy gardening and get a lot of plaesure from watching stuff grow.

Tom fixed up one of the birdboxes that Brad made when he was here, to the telegraph pole in the workshop garden.

Packing the kiln on Sunday for a Monday firing. New pots by Wednesday. Off to the pub to buy Tom a well earned pint.


Ron said...

Well done. Brad will be excited to see his pot up there on the pole. He's off in Missouri now being a camp leader.
I saw Fredia today and passed on something for you. She'll search you out at Hatfield.
Have fun glazing.

brandon phillips said...

i grew up a city(well, suburb) boy, but living out in the country gardening and i have become fast friends. its developing into one of my new passions.

klineola said...

Glad to see you all enjoying the life. Gardening has always been a passion I learned from my Mom. I'm afraid the only flowers in my garden this year are on my pots. The vegetables are middling and the flowers are overgrown with weeds. But the surrounding woods are peaking in their summer-ness.

Ron said...

My vegetable garden is dwindling in the heat and I'm afraid I've neglected to water it sufficiently. I visited some friends in the city last night and they had a huge bountiful garden growing there in the corner of the back yard. They put in a cistern a few years back and are able to water at their leisure. It was really amazing to see what they were doing there in a small space in a city neighborhood.

gary rith said...

yes, the garden is looking great!

Craig Edwards said...

Glad to see the garden is doing well! The vegetables are doing well here and we are eating salad everyday from the garden.

potterboy said...

That's a nice looking stack of pots - those two puzzlers look great. Who made that dodgy tea bowl at the bottom though... (trying to deny all responsibility for it...)

Good luck with the glaze firing.