Friday 18 July 2008

Cheers Tom

Tom headed back to Bristol tonight after eight very busy days. What a top chap, you'll be hearing of him again in the future, I've no doubt about it, he has the determination and the vision to become a very fine potter.

Here are some pictures from our walk to the workshop this morning.

Still more glazing to do, but I'm having a day off tomorrow. I've got a gig with the Love Daddies (don't follow this link if you're easily offended)at a local bikers rally in the afternoon.

Glazing to finish on Sunday morning, Mark's coming up on Sunday evening to do his glazing, then we'll pack ready for firing on Monday.

Have a lovely weekend all.


Paul Jessop said...

You guys sound great

Matt Grimmitt said...

I don't know first Toms eyes are late then they leave before the rest of him!

potterboy said...

I just thought he was scared of the cows - that's why he has his eyes closed. Those city folk... I should think he had a brilliant time though.