Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Spring cleaning

Yesterday was Spring cleaning day at Hollyford Pottery. There were so many pots in the showroom that just didn't make the grade, so I decided it was time to take action and make room for the new ones.

That felt good.

A day in the city today, seeking out packaging ready to send my pots off to Japan and then for an eye test which is well overdue.

Late night working this evening with Marky Mark.

Have a good day y'all.


Paul Jessop said...

Beautiful bit of filming there Doug. The pots are Just Fantastic.

Anonymous said...


If my pots were half as good as your bad ones I would be a happy boy!

Who is Marky Mark? A very mysterious enigma!

Dennis Allen said...

Nothing like the "Hammer of Truth" to help move us out of the past and into a future,

Dan Finnegan said...

you never explained what was wrong with those pots?!

Unknown said...

Doug it pains me to see you take a hammer to a pot!
Why was I wincing???
All part of the game I know and I'm sure I'd find it easier with my own than seeing others. As the other DF said, what was wrong with them? Some of us are grateful for any education we can get.

.... and i wish blogger could make these verification tests easier... i think i need a trip to the opticians!

unless i am actually a robot....maybe that's it!

imagine said...

Well done Doug.
That must have been hard, but it is being that dicerning that makes the difference between a good potter and a great potter.

Do you know Nic Chapman?
When he packed up pottery he buried all his old pots,
he says that when he started again he dug them up and he was surprised that he liked them.
So maybe you should have just let the rest of us "look after them" for a while.

Joe Troncale said...

Great video! It was quite painful hearing those pots get destoyed...
Historical note:
In ancient Greece, they used the pottery shards as voting ballots. Pottery shards were called "ostrikans." If you were voted out, you were ostracized.

Hollis Engley said...

I do know the peculiar satisfaction of taking a hammer to something that's been sitting there for so long, looking not quite right. It does help to clean things out, too. Right now my gallery's loaded with pots ... maybe I should try that.

ang design said...

excellent quality control! but still ouch :))

Mark Hodgkinson said...

The culling of pots must go on. This reminds us all that practicing the Art of non attachment is a health exercise.
It did cross my mind that you and Marky Mark could make a very interesting video using cricket balls and pots for the after life! who knows, It could be good therapy smashing pots with a bulls eye shot from a far. Just a little messy! I guess.

doug Fitch said...

Cheers all
I felt so much better for getting rid of all that stuff. My display area is limited and there have been a good few pots that have been taking up space for too long, the dodgy ones from a number of firings. It's much better in there now. I used to have a seconds sale every year from my garage at home - now I walk through the village and I see that lots of the houses have got my bad pots in their windows - arggggggggggggggggggh!!!! Makes me realize how important QC is.

Mostly they were the really dark brown ones - I don't mind a few, but I just had too many.