Thursday, 1 March 2012

Hollyford in the Springtime

Humph, still no camera, it didn't show up.

It was such a beautiful Spring day today. I was able to dry pots outside in the warm breeze for the first time this year. It's good for the head and the heart this sunshine stuff.

There are quite a few pots to finish off in the morning before I head to my folks', so it's going to be an early start. There are jugs and bowls to decorate and slip - who knows, maybe my new camera will arrive and I can take some pictures.

Well I'm going to go and scrub this clay off my aching body, then I'm going to go to bed, I feel dead beat. Goodnight all


Felicity said...

Oh this was the best video yet! So peaceful and so spring-like. You're getting very good at this video lark! Great to see how you decorate too.

marcela said...

I adore these videos. I waite to see them every morning. please do not quit when you get the new camera... thank you for taking your time!!! Regards from Argentina, Marcela.

Unknown said...

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Thomas L said...

Looking good doug, cant wait for the firing/unpacking video.

very exciting i enjoy them the most

Joe Troncale said...

Your movies are as wonderful as your pottery!!!
(That says a lot!)


wow lovely video.

Mark Hodgkinson said...

Aloha Doug,

I love your video's! I feel very much invited in to your world. Mahalo. Please keep making them, today's video was real special,I started my day here driving down a English country lane in early spring. Any snow drops yet?
A Hui Hou

doug Fitch said...

Hello all, thank you for your kind comments - it's a pleasure to share my world, Devon is such a beautiful place and wet slip is too spectacular not to show everybody :)

I'll gladly carry on making them if people are interested in seeing them Marcela.

Next week will be the firing - I hope it's a good one or you'll see me sobbing on camera.

We have many snowdrops A Hui Hou and daffodils are really getting going now. The primroses are my thing though, I love them and they're filling the banks along the lanes. Has spring come to Dartmoor yet Felicity?