Sunday, 11 March 2012

New pots

Hello all

Thank you for your comments on the last post. It's been a tough few days.

Here's a little film of the unpack. Some good pots, but too many losses. I'm still grumbling over the losses, rather than celebrating the successes as is often the way for a while after a firing - ah negativity. I have to get my positive head on tomorrow.

I have at least got all the pots that I need for sending to Tokyo, which is a huge relief, they'll be packed and dispatched in a couple of days.

A tidy up in the morning, a few minutes introducing some dodgy pots to a hammer, that'll feel good, then back on the wheel and on to the next lot.

I'll post some pictures of the pots soon

Happy Monday all


Susan said...

You weren't aiming for the ducks were you?

There are some stunning pots there Doug.

Anna M. Branner said...

Seeing those pots fly brought a tear to my eye. Hate the losses, but you sure have alot of winners as well!

I have to say your videos are brilliantly done. I really enjoy them. :)

Thomas L said...

I dont think them ducks like country pottery shards.

still some very nice pots there!

Anonymous said...

Lovely pots Doug, I'm glad you have enough for Japan. That would have been a bugger.

Cat's Ceramics said...

Stunning pots Doug, I adore those bowls! Beautiful! x

Quietly Otaku said...

Beautiful work! I always feel this way about glazing, I too get a bit bogged down in the negative feelings but its an unpredictable thing glazing sometimes. Still learn and move on!

Joe Troncale said...

I am very sorry about the losses, but I was cracking up watching them fly out the door! (At least you have a door to chuck them out! When I have a bad firing or something sticks to a shelf, I have to look at it for a bit longer!) But the good pots were GREAT! so I hope you will be encouraged. One of the things I always tell young aspiring potters is that you can pug some good clay, throw some great pots, decorate them beautifully and lose them in firing. I think that's why I think pottery parallels life so much. You have to hold things loosely or it will make you crazy or angry.
Anyway, good luck with Tokyo. Keep up the good work that you are doing!

Unknown said...

Really lovely work - it must be a nerve wracking time firing such a large amount of work at once, especially with deadlines to meet. I don't think you're being negative, I think it's natural to spot the failures first and only later do you see the real successes. Excellent work and entertaining videos. thanks

doug Fitch said...

Thank you all. I decided to have a bit of a clear out of the dodgy ones yesterday. They were just driving me crazy. It's much better now I only have the better pots around - it lets me move on, forget the losses and start all over again