Friday, 2 March 2012

Happy Friday

Hello all and a happy Friday to you.

My brother picked me up just after eleven this morning and we're now at my parents' house in Bedford.

I had to make an early start at the workshop to get everything finished up to date before we set off on the long journey up country. Sometimes it's a good thing to be put under a bit of time pressure, because it forces me to decorate things rather than dithering an avoiding it, as I spoke of yesterday. It seemed strange to be leaving the workshop in broad daylight for a change.

Everything should be dry enough for the wood firing next week. I'll have to be selective when it comes to bisc firing, as I'll not get it all through in time - but it's good to be able to chose a bit of everything. The rest will either be put through the electric kiln, (which gives me a different range of tones and colours from the wood kiln), or saved for the next wood firing in a few weeks time.

Here's today's little film.

Happy weekends all, bye for now


Mark Hodgkinson said...

Very nice! Looks like a kiln load waiting to go. Good luck with the firing next week.
Was wondering if you your going to make a video of this wood firing? I hope you do.
Do hope your new camera shows up soon!
Have a happy weekend in Bedford.


Paul Jessop said...

Hi Doug, do you want me to bisc fire any pots for you this week. so you can get them in the wood firing. I'll pick them up one night if you want. cheers paul.

doug Fitch said...

Thanks Mark, yes I will - even though my new camera just arrived - I'll do both :-)

Paul, you are a star, thank you for that kind offer. I'll be fine though thanks, I have more than enough pots for a firing, so I'll just be selective over what's left. Thanks again, it's much appreciated