Thursday, 15 March 2012


Howdy folks

Back in the workshop today after a trip to Plymouth yesterday with Luke, to look round the Art College.

The courier came today and took my boxes, loaded up with fifty of my pots, away on the first leg of their journey to Tokyo. It's a relief to have them on their way. The show is with Hannah and Clive Bowen - it's a big deal to be exhibiting with them. Clive is one of my greatest heroes and has had a very apparent influence on my work. Hannah and I have had many a panicky conversation in the run up to this show. I hope the Japanese like our works.

I gave the place a good clear up today, getting it ready to start making again. These four jugs have been hidden away under polythene for a while. In fact one of their siblings is fired, finished and on its way to Tokyo. I was surprised that they were still ok when I came to decorate them today.

The bird song at the end of this little film was so beautiful, I had to post the whole tune.

The pots I'm about to start making now are for an exhibition in April in Cambridge, more details soon. I'll need to work hard again in the next few weeks.

Have a good Friday all


Tracey Broome said...

How could they not love your work? It's made with birdsongs after all :) lovely end to my crazy day!!

Joe Troncale said...

I'm sure the Japanese will love your work! What's not to love?
Thanks for posting the videos!

Richard Law said...

Hi Doug.

Your bird sounds to be a thrush. It repeats in the song - a blackbird doesn't (BTW you can check this out on "Blackbird Singing in the Dead of Night" on The Beatles' White Album - the bird in that song repeats and therefore is NOT a blackbird.) Yours sounds a bit different to the ones up here in Yorkshire - I guess yourn has a Devonshire accent!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure everything is packed properly, but I'm sure it's still a worry for you until they get to Japan. They'll be fighting over those slippy bowls, just you wait!

Dixie Nichols said...

I love that end of the day light I always call it television light. You used to switch the set off and the light died gradually through that television navy. Even in the city you see that television moment of evening light Very beautiful and so transient and the birds often sing to it.

doug Fitch said...

It's a beautiful time of day, winding down with bird song - it's so soothing - just what you needed I think Tracey :-) Ha, television light, I like it. Interesting facts Richard, thank you

I have a video of the pots I sent to Japan, I might get brave and post it on here