Tuesday 10 November 2009


It was another soggy day at Hollyford Pottery today, although it's mild for the time of year. At the moment I haven't got a wood burner in the workshop, so it's taking ages for pots to dry - I'll need to get that sorted out in the next week or two, before the hard frosts start.

This is a large harvest jug I decorated today, it's about 15" high. I decorated bowls too, but didn't take any pictures.

Freshly applied scroll handles on last week's 8lb jugs.

That's all for now, panto rehearsal beckons.


klineola said...

Panto?!?!? Please tell us that you're kidding! Hopefully this will be something you'll incorporate into the L.D.'s shows!

Raining here too! Thankfully.

We went hiking in the Black Mountains this past weekend and saw several fires burning their way to the top. Nothing major, just been dry here!

I'd get my 8 lb game on!

ang design said...

ooh yeh you'll be needing some warmth in there soon, get to it chaps! nice shot of your jug in the 'front room'..happy pantoing..

Paul Jessop said...

Jugs look great.

One thing about rainy days, they keep you in the workshop and a bit more focused I find.

klineola said...

I agree, Paul!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

They Might be Giants! jugs that is.

kate et jim said...

Just having a look 'round, Doug. The photo at the top of this post is absolutely stunning! Along with the one out the window on the above 'Sunday' post.

Beautiful photography, along with your amazing pottery.

We check in, once in a while and admire your work.

Keep well,

doug Fitch said...

Hi Kate and Jim, thank you for checking in and for your kind words.