Friday 20 November 2009

Beautiful Devon and Digger the dog

A beautiful sunny day at Hollyford today, so I was able to sit in the kiln shed with the doors open listening to the Buzzards while I scratched away the surface of this big harvest jug. The decoration is taken straight from the North Devon tradition, but there's a lot of me and a lot of Hollyford in the drawing too.

Here are a few pictures from my lunchtime walk with Digger the dog in the stunning Devon countryside. A lot of this stuff has ended up on the surface of the big jug.

This is a marigold in Matt and Alex' garden. Daisies are a favourite of mine. Did you know they're called daisies because they open in the morning and close at night, just like the day's eyes? There you go.

Ivy flowers. There are still quite a few bugs and bees around the ivy at the moment. We've not really had much in the way of frost yet so I think a lot of the insect life is still alive and buzzing.

As we were walking along the track, a big fox came running out of this field and trotted along in front of us, much to Digger's delight. The hunt was here last week with horses and hounds, but Mr Fox must have kept himself well out of the way.

There aren't many of these little strawberries left, they're always a treat when I find them, so much wonderful flavour from a berry the size of a pea.

Cutleaf cranesbill

Blue sky

And more with golden autumn leaves

A big old oak tree


An old combine harvester.

Work for me tomorrow, I need to get this jug finished. A visit from some friends on Sunday.

Have a lovely weekend everybody, bye for now xx


klineola said...

What a great place!

And that jug is amazing, too! I was trying to figure out how you start something that that. Do you draw or sketch the pattern before you start the scratching away?

I'd better get back to work! But good to 'visit' with you and Digger!

doug Fitch said...

Hi MK. It is a beautiful, beautiful place to live. I sometimes try and mark out a rough composition with a felt tip pen, but they tend to dry up with the dust. Have a good weekend

Peter said...

Lovely Post Doug, and beautiful jug. The photo of the big oak tree by the lane really makes me want to rush over and paint a picture of it. You really don't see mature oaks like that here, and there is something about the form that really does it for me! My favourite NZ tree is the kahikatea. Mature ones are very variable in form, ranging from conical to lollipop shapes. Anyway, have a nice weekend.