Wednesday 25 November 2009


Just popped home to do some admin work, so a quick blog while I'm at it. I've come home as I have to get all my show applications completed and in the post. Every year I leave them to within days of the deadline, even though every year I swear that I'll get organised and have them in early. Oh well, maybe next year - but probably not.

Here's the buzzard harvest jug and an 8lb jug infront.

Once again today, the end of the rainbow was beyond my workshop, so the crock of gold still eludes me.

Poor thing. This wonderful creature was in the lane when I walked Digger at lunchtime. They don't have any road sense, so a lot of them get hit by cars. The carrion crows will eat well today, nature doesn't waste much.

Working this evening with Marky Mark so off back to the workshop in a moment. Back later.

Cheers all.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

good lord that pic of your pitchers is f##king fabulous :)

Kitty Shepherd said...

Absolutely quality!

Hollis Engley said...

Man, you fired that one fast. The buzzard pot looks, as Gary says, f##kin' fabulous.

Margaret Brampton said...

Reading your post with the news that we should be submitting our application forms has put me into a spin. Got to get that done today before I can get out to the studio!!
That harvest jug is fabulous would like to handle it!

Paul Jessop said...

Jugs a goodun !

LindaB said...

Thanks for the reminder about the deadlines -I had completely forgotten about Rufford. I hate admin -I spent all day yesterday packing up pots to send off.
How did you fire that jug so quickly?

Robin Wood said...

Did you collect some badger hair for making brushes? It's meant to be very good. Lovely pots as always.

Anonymous said...

It's meant to be good for shaving brushes.......
Love the jugs Doug, especially the Buzzard/Pheasant one.

Dave, Sue, Miffy & Doug

doug Fitch said...

Hello folks, thank you for that.

Mr Badger will be proper stinky by now I would think so I may pass on the idea of bristles for brushes.I have potter friend who used to look after a friend's dog and would often give it a little trim here and there to make brushes. Needless to say, after a while and a few bald patches, the owner stopped sending the dog to my chum.

I put the Buzzard jug through the electric kiln. I have fired them in the wood kiln before, but so many hours go into them that it's a big risk. My wood kiln is out of action for a while yet as I'm taking the roof of the kilnshed shortly and replacing it with new as it leaks really badly.
Hey Margaret, as ever, I'm sending my applications today, next day delivery as I've left it to the very last moment once again - doh