Sunday 15 November 2009


I really didn't want to go to work today, it being Sunday, but once I'd got there I was really pleased that I'd gone. I managed to get a lot done. I mixed glazes, a job that I've been avoiding. I always put it off, but then feel good once I've done it - and it's never that bad a job really - no doubt I'll put it off as long as possible again next time.

The sun was shining, after a couple of days of crazy storms. (Frank got home to Cornwall safely the other night by the way, but by all accounts it was a fairly hairy journey.)

The view from my workshop window looks out to the woodland that has now lost much of its foliage.

Here is my latest little flower bed, I made it last week. The torrential rain, running off the roof washed some of the plants right out of the ground. The wind had been so strong, that it burst my doors open. Fortunately a neighbour jammed a pallet against them. They don't seem to want to close properly now, I think perhaps the shed may have twisted a little during the storms - maybe it's time to hammer in a few more screws - maybe bend them over this time for extra strength.

These are some small jugs, made from a pound and a half of clay. I put the handles on today. I've been making a lot of bigger pots recently and it took a while to get back into making smaller pots.

I made a few mugs, just simple cylinders and some moneyboxes onto which I'll model birdies tomorrow if they're dry enough.

Pots drying in the kiln shed.

I did a lot of decorating today too, drawing through wet slip with a rubber tool, the bare structure of the trees finding their way onto the surface of the pots.

Yum, shiny wet slip.

Combed black slip. I really like to work through wet slip, it's such a direct approach to decorating.

By contrast, the decoration of this sgrafitto jug is a much slower process.

Baluster jugs tomorrow.

Have a good week everybody.


ang design said...

ooooh lovely stuff and kinda eerie to see the forest almost bare...must be the light!

Kitty Shepherd said...

Hello there. Thanks for your comment on my blog. How interesting that you are showing at Plymouth City Art Gallery, I think it is a brilliant space and with Ali at the controlls of ceramics it couldn't be better. Is this a selling exhibition?

Don't you think is is wierd how we both use exactly the same materials and the end products are so different? All my work used to be iron rich honey glazed and very traditional and then something happened, I got colour!

I am following your blog now and you are on my blog list, so keep up the posting.

Anonymous said...

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