Tuesday 18 August 2009

My lovely blogging chums

Thank you all for the kind birthday wishes, cards, and e-cards. I had a lovely birthday, some fantastic gifts, pots, and books that I'll write about at a later date. Blogger Ang from Australia also arrived and Hannah and her fella Paul - more about that later too.

This post is about my great blogging buddy Ron Philbeck and his lovely wife Sarah who came to stay with us last week. The batteries died on my camera and I just didn't get around to replacing them, so I've been dependant upon waiting for Ron to upload his photos

This is a picture of the moment that Ron and I first met, my face swollen as I was in mid migraine, having spent the night before in and out of the tent, throwing up, delightful. It's not easy doing this quietly on a camp site.

This is my pitch. Hil had to (wo)man my stand while I was trying to sleep off my illness in the tent. I was rescued by Wendy with a miracle cure. Check her link by the way, she has a great collection of pots. Thank you Wendy and thank you to all the folk who bought pots or stopped to chat, it was my best show yet.

Here's Ron with my great friend Paul Young...

and the ever sweet, Dylan Bowen. Hil gave me one of his beautiful platters for my birthday, lucky me.

Svend's pots

Nic building a small oil fired kiln that he demonstrated at the event. Nic runs great courses in kiln building, I think there are still a couple of spaces left for this year's course, you can check it out on his site.

Here we are with Blogger Paul, who came along to Art in Clay. Later in the week I delivered Ron and Sarah to Paul's place where they stayed before heading back to London. Paul gave us a tour of his workshop and the National Trust property where it is situated, amongst beautiful gardens. It was good to see Paul's place - I have a show with him next month as part of Somerset Arts Week, more about that later.

We also had a great day out at the Leach Pottery in St Ives, with Blogger Andrew and Hannah and Paul. I'll post more pictures later when I can pinch theirs.

So Ron headed back to the States and Ang flew in from Aus, missing each other by a day. This final pic shows Hannah and Ang and me outside my house on Sunday. Poor Ang, she spent so much on her air fare that she could no longer afford shoes.

Well I'd better go as it's time to get back to work for the first time in a couple of weeks, to show Ang my chaotic workshop and for Ang to get some red mud under her nails. More later, have a good day all.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

oh man, your poor head!
Ron and Doug, come to my corner of NY next....

Anonymous said...

it's so cool to see all these bloggers getting together from different continents. plus i'm seeing pictures of you on ron's site and pics of england on ang's site and pics of everything on your site. i feel like i need a trip to the united kingdom myself.

doug Fitch said...

Jim, get yourself over here some time, our place is tiny, but a welcome place for friends from the blogosphere.

Hope to get there some day Gary

Anonymous said...

It's so cool to see all these bloggers getting together from different continents.
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jbf said...

Your neck of the woods is a happenin' place!

Unknown said...

We are very glad to visit your blogs and wish you people keep in touch..
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Wenford Wendy said...

Hatfield was great- glad I could help- Get to the bloody doctors you Muppet!