Wednesday 26 August 2009

A trip to Blogger Paul's

Yesterday we took a trip to Somerset to visit Blogger Paul. This picture was taken outside the building which is set to become his new workshop in January. It's a great space.

His workshop is situated within the estate of Barrington Court, which has the most beautiful walled gardens. I love gardening and I think if my workshop was there, I would find these a huge distraction. Just look at the pretty flowers on this picture.

Last night we went up to the workshop to carry on working. I'm trying to get Ang's pots through the kiln so that she can take some of them home with her. Here's Ang, nose to the grindstone once again, sgrafittoing some plates. These are inspired by some pots from a book I have about Cypriot pottery. There are some really good video streams of all this stuff happening and much more on Ang's blog.

Marky Mark came up too - it was great to see him, he's been away for a month to Mexico.

Today we had a trip planned to St Ives, but the shock absorber has gone on my car so Hil and Ang have headed into Exeter to get it repaired. They'll go into town for lunch and a wander around the shops and a bit of girl time. Hil's enjoyed having some female company in this male dominated house.

I'm staying home to carry on scratching away at a sgrafitto jug commission that I've been working on for a while - these things take forever.

We've rescheduled the Cornwall trip for Friday.

Luke's GCSE results come out tomorrow morning. He worked hard for them so I think he'll have done ok. Certainly the ceramics that he did for his Art should have given him a good chance of an A grade - fingers crossed.


Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

looks like fun all the way round... i love the wall in the walled garden shot, i can see how it would become a distraction. saw the video of ang working yesterday on her blog, you guys are having a good time... wish i could go.

doug Fitch said...

You'll have to come over Jim!

Peter said...

It is terrific what you are doing for potters like Ang by taking time and sharing your space and skills. Ang might start a slipware revolution in Australia when she heads back that way, but, what ever happens, I am sure that the joy of her visit and her discoveries will spread to others too! I'm greatly enjoying, and learning from, all the photos and videos that are coming out of her adventures, and also the ones from Ron's recent visit. Great stuff.

Hannah said...

Bugger, Paul said he thought that there was something wrong with the shock absoorber when we drove it tother day, should have told you but frgot! Ooops sorry.
Best wishes to Luke, I so remember that day, I don't envy him one bit, 15 years since I got my results - where did that time go?

judsculpt said...

Ang is having a great time with you and we will hopefully get to see some of the work she has been doing over there
Good luck to Luke ,his artwork was wonderful,he should do well. Judy

Anna said...

Gardens look fantastic,looking at Angelas blog,she seems to be having a great time with you guys.
Can't wait for her to get back and chat about her hols

Steve Earp said...


I enjoy reading your blog. Once upon a time I worked at a pottery shop in Fordingbridge in the New Forest. But Devon was always a great place to visit. I now have a redware pottery shop in Massachusetts. Check it out sometime:

keep up the good work!

Steve Earp

doug Fitch said...

Hello all
We wanted to keep her, but I guess you'd better have her back. I think she did enjoy her journey into slipware, so I hope she does do some more when she gets back. Her pots turned out beautifully.

Hi Steve, I've been on your site before, lovely work, good to hear from you - only just found your blog. Have you checked out Hannah's work? Hannah, have you checked out Steve's work?

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