Sunday 30 August 2009

Rock and bloomin' roll

That went pretty well thank goodness, it's the first gig we've played in six months - the last one was dreadful due to the bad sound on stage and I for one, went away feeling very negative, so this one was really make or break for the band. It's good to play live and loud again.

Next weekend we're playing at Nic's kiln build party, which is always good fun.

Nic's running a video blog of the kiln build in progress, featuring Blogger Andrew.

To see it,


Richie said...

Looked like good fun. I need a good fix of rock'n'roll my self- I'll give the neighbours a twenty minute No Fun on the banjo. Wish I had an amp a stage and an audience to play with!
Keep rockin

doug Fitch said...

Hi Richie - No Fun, what a classic!!

jbf said...


Glad it went well.

Wow Gold said...

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Wow Gold said...

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