Saturday, 9 May 2009


Thanks all for your wishes for the little kitten. Sadly we failed, in spite of feeding it every three hours through the night and day, which was crazy and exhausting, but once we'd made the decision, we had to go with it, even though it meant getting up in the middle of the night and coming home from work on feeding duties. Oh well, that's the course of nature, we did our best, I wonder how many songbirds' lives have been spared?

The other little one's doing fine, but I can already tell that the boys are getting attached to it - I really don't want another cat, but it seems like I may not get the choice, apologies to Dave and Sue, looks like this little one might be staying.

I've been here today, The Coach Hall at Fursdon House, exhibiting with a group of artists. We each did work in response to a walk we took around the grounds of the house, some time ago. There are some great paintings, drawings and photograps in the show.

I used to live on the Fursdon Estate and I felt very much at home, back there in the peace and tranquility of that beautiful place, I miss it, we had some happy times there. I was living there five years ago, when I first started my workshop and began making pots again for a living, so it's still very much a part of what I do now.

Several of my pieces sold, including a puzzle jug which was bought by a lady who used to be a neighbour and good friend of Katherine Pleydell-Bouverie. We had a really interesting chat, she well remembered Michael Cardew's visits when he would break his journey between London and Cornwall at KPB's.

Here's what's been going on in the workshop this week. This baluster jug will be golden with manganese stripes when it's fired.

I made some harvest jugs, six of the smaller ones and one big 'un nearly twenty inches tall. More big pots next week, the bottom of the next kiln load is going to be full of them. The clay was a bit too soft so I only got this one made, another two collapsed. I'll try again on Monday, it's hard work for my skinny little arms.

Facebook tells me that it was Michael Kline's birthday this week, many happy returns MK


Tracey Broome said...

So sad to hear about the little baby kitten, but you did way more than many would have done. Your pots are wonderful as always!

ang design said...

yeh sad but great effort doug,.totally yum slip and lovely bit of handleage..

Anonymous said...

sorry to hear about the kit... nice baluster jug

Anonymous said...

Sorry to see the little one didn't make it, but well done for trying. Obviously Sue's gutted that you're keeping the other, but to be honest we would be better off with a older cat from the Cats Protection with all the pots about the place....
See you soon

Dave & Sue

Paul Jessop said...

Doug, life is hard some times, but other times it's great, your pots are looking great, it's time to put yourself first for a change and move on.
Might pop down on Wednesday.