Tuesday, 5 May 2009

New New New New New New

Lots has happened since my last post. I've had a nasty dose of Man flu which knocked me out at the end of the week. I caught it from Luke and since then, both Hil and Joe have had it. I'm feeling much improved, the only thing to do is to try and sleep it off, so that's what I've been doing.

Here's some new stuff that's been going on.

Last Wednesday my old chum and Derby Boy, Simon Hancox became a new dad with the birth of little Edward. Many, many congratulations to him and his wife Julie.

On Saturday we listened to the radio to hear my local football team Exeter City, beat Rotherham to qualify for automatic promotion to League One. I wouldn't say I'm an avid football fan, I don't bother at all with the Premiership or even the national game, but I really enjoy going to watch City with Hil and the boys and have seen the club through some rough times, so it's fantastic that they've qualified for a new league.

The boys rang me up at the workshop when they got home from school this evening to say that there was a new born kitten under Joe's bed. We were too slow at getting Kipper to the vets to be spayed and before we knew it, she was pregnant. I rushed home and we found another tiny kitten, cold and apparently lifeless under Luke's bed. We managed to warm the little mite up and now it seems to be feeding alongside its sibling. See you in six weeks Dave and Sue ;)

Yesterday I went and collected my new car from my friend Jeff's place. It's fab, I love it, although I kept forgetting today and each time I saw it outside the workshop, I thought I'd got visitors. Here it is parked in front of my new sheds. I ordered the sheets for the roof today, so far the sheds have half a roof, no floors, three walls and hanging baskets. Maybe not the conventional approach to building, but I like doing it this way.

And finally, new pots at last. Ages since I made any of those. It was a struggle to get going, more pots tomorrow.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

GOOD news all around Doug, glad you're feeling better and congrats on keeping the kit alive--I hope you'll keep us updated on them!

Unknown said...

Oh yeah I forgot to congratulate you on the Grecian. That's great. Last time I was there I watched them beat Darlington at St. James Park. I had a ticket in the end zone where the "stands" are correctly named. I thoroughly enjoyed it with a bird's eye seat for the winning goal. I even caught it on my mobile video phone. Anyway that is really cool. Maybe Plymouth will drop out of champions and you can pick up that rivalry again.

ang design said...

love the plants such a nice touch..your little red car looks rather sporty too..

Ron said...

Good to see your post. Oh no more kittens! Pots look great as does the new ride.

Paul Jessop said...

Nice pics Doug

Good to see you mobile now you can zip down to Mc Donalds in double quick time.
I love the fact that the hanging baskets are up before the roof I hoe you are wearing your high viz jacket and hard hat during construction.

Paul Jessop said...

and of course you will need a dedicated First aider on site at all times.
filled out all the necessary risk assesment forms.
Held a training meeting for all staff.
Have all of your fire exits clearly marked.
Issue gloves and goggles to all workers.
complied with all building regulations.
provide suitable toilet facilities. provide a designated rest area for all workers. and of course employ at least 15% from ethnic minority groups regardless of wether they can actually do the job. Would you like me to go On ?
no me neither - thank christ those days are over for me.

potterboy said...

Good stuff - nice kittens. Congrats to Simon and misses - really good news.

Hannah said...

What on earth did your cat mate with? They look like newts from here.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you said that they'd be cute. Grey tabby's you said.... they look like sucked rats.... Hopefully they'll blossom into something a bit cuter with time...

Sue x

doug Fitch said...

Evening all Plymouth Argyle, boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Oh yes PJ, I remember all that H&S too clearly from my days working for the uni.

The kits are a bit rodent like indeed Sue, but I'm sure you'll grow to love them ;)