Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Country capers

I had a stall at a local country fair today. It was supposed to be an open air event, but the rain was torrential, so we all set up inside huge barns. It was a waste of time as regards selling, but it was good fun and great to see a lot of my friends that I hadn't seen for a while, so I didn't worry about sales and enjoyed catching up with fellow craftsfolk chums - potters, signwriters, blacksmiths, etc.

I shared a pitch with my good friend Paul Cook of Wood Art Words. Here are some of his wonderful carvings.

And here's the man himself.

This timber frame is part of the roof structure of the Love Daddies practice room, that is being made by green oak builder friends of mine, Tom and Ben. They took it along to demonstrate their trade.

Hil and Joe came up after school and got to hang out with Johnny Kingdom. Ah, the excitement of living in the West Country.

I've got to work sooooooooo hard for the next few days now, lots of pots needed for a firing a week on Monday, so late nights to come.


Peter said...

I have been wondering about the Love Daddies, and how things were going with the band, as you have been a bit silent lately on that front. I was therefore rather intrigued to see part of the roof structure of the Love Daddies practice room... did someone's amp explode?
Paul's carvings look great.

Hollis Engley said...

Love that timber frame, Doug. And the people standing around it, too, on a wet West Country day. I love these glimpses into that world.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

ah, you and your beautiful wife!

doug Fitch said...

Ha, yes we raised the roof onthe Love Daddies room of rock. Well the truth is, my mate John the Drums has been rebuilding it because it was falling down and Tom, the guy in blue in the distance, is his brother in law and green oak specialist. The guitarist has met a new lady and is all loved up, so we haven't been together since February and our last dreadful gig. We've got a couple of gigs lined up for August, by which time we'll be back rehearsing again. We're supposed to be doing some recording some time soon when we can find the time and all agree on the studio that we're going to use - four opinionated old men does make for difficulties sometimes!

It does look proper West Country, the old chap looks to be a bit of a character. And yes, the beautiful wife too bless 'er.

tom said...

Missed out a link to my website Doug... www.devonoak.co.uk ... worth a look...! it was a fun day though, the more so for the religion and the cider!