Saturday 16 May 2009

Devon in the Spring

Just recovering from a nasty migraine, haven't had one for ages.

The herbaceous borders outside the workshop have burst into life too and most of the stuff that I planted last year has come back.

Here are some pictures that I took earlier in the week, of the hedgerow alongside the lane to my workshop. The countryside is amazing at the moment.

I've got to go into Exeter now to buy the boys new shoes - an expensive business, then off to the workshop later to catch up on yesterday's lost time. I'll post some more pics in a moment of Thurday's work.


Jude said...

Gosh, lush!!
Good luck with the shoe buying, you may be there a while??

FuturePrimitive Soap Co. said...

i love those pics doug..such a lovely close up of the buttercups. it's lovely at the mo isn't it...stuff just hanging in great big bunches from the road makes me excited!