Monday 4 August 2008

Slipware potters

Here's a shot taken yesterday morning.

The lady on the left is the wonderful Mary Wondrausch, the queen of slipware.

It's always a pleasure to see her, she's a fine old lady and a remarkable character - eccentric to say the least.

Next to her is my very good friend Paul Young.

On the right is the great Dutch potter Niek Hoogland.

I'm not sure what the collective noun would be for a group of slipware potters - I know Hil calls a group of potters a 'bore' - any other suggestions appreciated.


gary rith said...

a bore!!! My wife always rolls her eyes when I settle in with another potter and start talking glazes....I guess some people find glaze talk dull????

Paul Jessop said...

A Message for Hil from Marion, Just open another bottle of Wine !

Hannah said...

Oh so jealous. Ho hum ho hum.

How about a sieve full of slippers?
A trap full of trailers.
A lump of lead lovers.

Sister Creek Potter said...

Love the pictures. Especially that of Mary Wondrausch and to one of Andrew with Ron's pots. So nice. Your exhibit looks wonderful.

Alan from Argyll Pottery said...

Well up at Beauly (where I did most of my block release) all slip ware makers were known as Mud Pluggers but I am not sure that is quite the right thing to call the great Mary.