Monday 4 August 2008

Home again

That was a brilliant weekend, thank you so much to everybody who bought my pots or took the time to chat. It was good to meet people who tune in to read this rubbish! I hope you enjoy your new pots, your kind support is greatfully appreciated.

One of Ron's friends from North Carolina who was visiting England, came along and delivered me a package that Ron had sent for me. In it were two of his superb pots, a plate and a mug modelled here by myself and Blogger Andrew. It was good to see Andrew again.

Here's another shot of Ron's mug being put to good use by my friend Dylan Bowen, a potter whose work I know Ron is very fond. More pictures from Hatfield later.


ang design said...

cheers doug... display looks great! bit of a contrast to nxt doors wares!..

Anonymous said...

Hi Doug,

We met briefly at the show and I bought a nice little black mug which I am using for my morning coffee. I love it,

Thanks, Dan, London

doug Fitch said...

Hi Dan
Thanks for checking in. Pleased you like the mug, I liked that one too. It was the first time I'd tried that gold\green\gold stripey thing, which I've since started to use on other pots because it worked so well on that mug. Hope to meet you again some time and that your pots are coming along swingingly well

doug Fitch said...

Ang, yes it is a contrast. It's always interesting to find out who is going to be nextdoor. I like the fact that you always get to meet new people and chat with potters you otherwise mightn't get a chance to speak with. It kind of works that us 'brown' potters tend to stick together sometimes socially, so being in the big mix can be fun. They must have some fun when they're working out who goes where.