Tuesday 26 August 2008

Aaaaaaaarvest jugs

Mike Dodd and Debbie Mitchell came by today to drop off their harvest jugs for the Bideford firing. That means we've got jugs from quite a few potter's now, I'll get a full list on here later in the week. It's going to be a very significant event - a Mike Dodd slipware jug, how rare is that?

I'm hoping to get a few mugs made tomorrow. I need to get back on to proper working days again soon, the shelves are empty of wet pots and I always get a feeling of terrible anxiety when it's like that.

That's not to say I haven't enjoyed the break, it's been good to have a rest and to spend time with the boys while they're still happy to holiday with us. They're going to want to do their own thing soon. We're all pretty knackered still from the weekend, you certainly don't get much sleep on a festival campsite. So I neeeed to go to bed.

Check out the bloggerware in action on that photo.


Hannah said...

sweet feet

Paul Jessop said...

He's Pussy Footing around !!

Brad Lail said...

Just reading the word Aaaaaaarvest jugs reminds me of the time spent with ya. I am glad to understand the pride that goes along with that word. It is good to hear from ya. I am about to start my blogging soon since I am going to China. glad you could spend some time with the boys. I miss you guys....and the tea!!

doug Fitch said...

Hey Brad
great to hear from you. I was showing Mike Dodd your 'confident cock' pot - he really liked it. I must send you some pics of your pots, they came out well. One of the birdboxes is up on the telegraph pole beside the workshop. Look forard to reading how you get on in China - I'm sure it'll be quite a contrast to my little shed in Devon. Take care. Photos to follow

doug Fitch said...

ps Brad
Reckon I could whip you at Wii tennis now - I'm the champ in my house these days!

Dan Finnegan said...

That's one of the nicest Mike Dodd smiles I've ever seen! Your Harvest Jug project is a brilliant one. I look forward to seeing the results. Dan