Saturday 23 August 2008

Making a puzzle jug #1

I made a puzzle jug earlier in the week for firing in the Bideford kiln. I haven't had any wet clay on here for ages, so here's a whole making sequence to make up for it.

The following three images show how the rim is thinned, then folded over, then tucked in to form a hollow rim that the fluid will be sucked through later. It's quite tricky getting this bit right.


Ricky Rickay said...

dude! i swear, i try and try to be like you and i always fail to be where you are. i have been reading your blog for sooo long and i even show my prof because i want to be like you! especially like your HUGE thrown jugs that are half the size of me lol

check your blog stats. i am in temecula, ca and i hope i am not the only one. you are an amazing potter!

i prefer the deco side of the ceramics and havent developed in the whole throwing side, but hand building sculpture i am ok in.

my specialty is using underglaze pens or slip trailers to develope a design on the vessels. pottery is such a small world and yet so large!

keep up all that you do because you inspire me! check out my blog if you have a chance. i will link to you on my blogroll, if you mind let me know. if you like what you see then please let me know as you can see i admire you :)



doug Fitch said...

Ricky, thank you so much :)

On my way over to your blog now.......