Friday, 5 September 2014

Nothing, then two in a row!

Hello all. Thank you for your kind comments on my previous post.

I've been pretty tired today after my broken night, but I got some stuff done.

These are six pound jars. I want to make some ten pound ones next, but I think it'll be a while before I get back to the wheel as we're in firing mode now.

Tomorrow we pack the wood kiln in readiness the firing, which we'll start early on Saturday. Here are some of the glazed pots. We've got way too many for this kiln load, so it's a great head start for the next firing which we'll do on our return from our travels of the next month.

The countryside here is stunning at the moment, with much activity in the fields, tractors and combines whizzing along the lanes, taking full advantage of the dry weather. I want to try and get some of these green stripes on to my pots, maybe even today's jars.

This was tonight's view from the back garden.

This is an old deisel pump on the farm where the workshop is. I put this on for my chum Al, because I know he'd like it.

And here's a selfie we took on our way home from work this evening. Happy potters.

Back later with pictures of the kiln pack. Meanwhile, here's the moving version of the pictures above. Bye for now


vanessadoesceramics said...

Gorgeous pots and countryside and ofcourse you two. Good to see that Shell don't sell anymore. They are in the midst of trying to ruin the artic by drilling for oil. Greenpeace are trying to save the species like the polar bears and snowy owls from becoming extinct. Happy firing.

Unknown said...

Lovely as always. Such a wonder to see so mucch of your processes. I appreciate all that you share with the world, including most especially your finished products!! Have great shows, you two.

Unknown said...

I watch and watch and learn a I correct that your pots are all single fired? I haven't seen a single pot that I don't absolutely love.

doug Fitch said...

Thank you all very much. Tari we do single fire occasionally, but most of the time we bisc fire

allen rotten said...

Thanks Doug, Love that snap of the fuel pump :-) and I'm sure Mum will be pleased to see you doing a little blogging on here again. Keep it up! Al