Sunday, 7 September 2014

Job done

It was a beautiful day in Dumfries and Galloway yesterday, perfect weather to be under a huge beech tree, firing a wood kiln.

We started at 8 a.m.

And finished at after 10 p.m.

It looked, from what we can tell at this stage, pretty good. We have to wait until Tuesday to find out.

During the early stages of the firing, I was able to find the time to model the rooks on to the top of this moneybox. It was great to be able to stand beneath a tree, watching the real thing flying around in front of me. I took this picture before I cut the slot in the front.

By the time we'd clammed up the kiln, headed home and unwound with a hot bath, it was 1 a.m. and we collapsed in to bed, completely exhausted.

There's a lot hanging on this firing as it contains pots for the Wardlow Mires Pots and Food Festival next weekend and for our joint exhibition in Castle Douglas, next month.

Today is another beautiful day, the sun's shining and my achy body has just pushed the lawnmower round the front garden. Hannah's in the kitchen baking a courgette cake(sounds wrong, but is very right!) as her Mum and Dad are coming over shortly, it's smelling good already.

It's time to go outside now and enjoy the spectacular view with a cup of tea in the back garden.

Happy Sunday everybody.

Here's a video of our firing day, I hope you enjoy it.


ShellHawk said...

I do so enjoy that you spend the time to share your videos with us! I love watching you two work!

Crossing my fingers for you on the firing! I know Tuesday can't come soon enough! :)

Anna M. Branner said...

I enjoy seeing how the wood firing process is more sitting on the ground for you two! Fingers crossed for great results!

Unknown said...

It's a joy to watch your videos, you can see the hard work, but the shots of your surroundings and the stillness of it all really make them special. Best of luck with your shows!

Anonymous said...

Love to watch you make your pots, you're both so industrious and talented.

doug Fitch said...

Thank you very much everybody. It's hard work doing what we do, but we're driven by passion and we get to enjoy the great fortune of working together in beautiful surroundings and that provides us with much inspiration, so hard work it may be, but it's an amazing lifestyle