Wednesday 10 September 2014


We unpacked the kiln yesterday. There were a couple of duffers, but generally, it was a great firing.

We probably overpacked the front a bit - we always do, in a panic to get everything in that we can. All that happens is that the pots near where the flame enters the chamber, block the path of the flame to the pots at the back and they remain underdfired. But otherwise it really was a very successful firing.

Some of the pots are packed up ready to dispatch to London today for a photo shoot for Homes & Gardens magazine, Here's Hannah getting them ready to send. Here are a few snapshots. I'm afraid my photography skills aren't up to much.

 3lb jug
 One of Hannah's beautiful jugs
 Richness of glaze
 Thistle jug
 8lb applique jug

 Another lovely one of Hannah's
 Birdie plate
 This one's off to the photo shoot in London today
 More rich glaze, mottled from the wood firing
 Tankards destined for the food festival at the weekend
 8lb applique jug
 8lb applique jug
Thistle jug

Here's a short film of the unpack


Anna M. Branner said...


Laura Smith said...

That LOVE thing you guys have going is showing up all over your pots. Edible

doug Fitch said...

Thanks Anna, Laura, I think you might be right :)

Bel said...

thank you for posting videos of your working lives, they are soul food, brilliant.