Thursday 27 February 2014

Back in Devon

I'm back in Devon now. Hannah had some commitments in Scotland and she's still up there, so I've been working alone and missing her of course. I love working with her, we make a great team.

These little jugs came out of her kiln earlier in the week. They take ages to decorate.

 The sunshine is grumpy on account of all the rain we've had lately!

Here's a little film of yesterday's workshop action.

I made some mugs before we went North and they were still wrapped in plastic, awaiting handles and sprigs when I got back here, so that was my first task.

My showroom is very sparce and I'm gradually working my way through a making list that contains every form that I produce. At the moment I'm still distracted by tapered jugs, which I want to make in several different sizes - today's are 3lb.

They'll be left under polythene for a few days, as I head to my parents' place later this morning. Sadly my sweet Dad is very poorly.

Bye for now


Anonymous said...

Get well soon Dad.

Unknown said...

Oh no, my best to your Dad, and to all who are worried for him. xo

Al Godley said...

Hope your Dad feels better. Praying for him!

ang design said...

awww bless... safe travels my friend x