Tuesday 18 February 2014

Back across the Border

Here we are back in Scotland.

We travelled back yesterday, a long journey that was straightforward enough until just short of the border, when suddenly the engine on Hannah's van cut out and we were stranded at the side of the M6 in the pouring rain. The timing belt had snapped. So a couple of recovery vehichles and a taxi later, we eventually got home, tired and fed up.

This morning, we walked the mile and a half to the workshop in the rain. It didn't matter that it was raining though, it was good to get out in the Scottish countryside. We both realise how blessed we are to live in beautiful places and it's wonderful that we now get to share them with each other.

Hannah spent the day packing up the pots from her on-line exhibition and I scratched the little jugs that I made here a while ago. There are four of them, I aim to get them all done this week, then fired up and for sale on my website as soon as I can - we need a new engine for the van!

We worked late and walked home in the dark.

 Thank you to everybody who commented on the Valentines Day blogs. It's such a joy to be doing the thing that I love, with the person I love, words cannot explain.

Here's a little film of our day today, back with more tomorrow

Goodnight all


gz said...

Welcome back....like me, you never know, you might find yourself staying in Scotland!! Much easier than commuting several huundred miles!!

Paul Jessop said...

Hi Guy's it may not be all bad news on the van front, I had a car that did that while i was on my way home one day, just stopped running, it was the cam belt, but all of the valves just dropped in place so only a new belt needed, it's not always a new engine, if you have a bit of luck, if the garage say it's the valves that have bent ask them to show you.