Monday, 16 September 2013

Wardlow Mires

Home again after a soggy weekend in Derbyshire at the Wardlow Mires Food Festival. Lots of buddies, lots of cheese, not that many sales, but a good opportunity to see Hannah and for us to exhibit our wares together for the first time.

Our table was in-between a cider maker and a curry chutney man, we resisted the cider, but the spices helped to keep us warm in some fairly unpleasant weather conditions.It was wild and windy and we got soaked to the skin as the wind blew the rain through the slatted walls of the cattle shed.

On Saturday evening lots of people were invited back to John's(pictured above) house, just down the road, for a lovely warming meal and a chance to catch up with friends. He has a lot of wonderful pottery. It was really good and a reminder that this isn't just about selling pots.
The countryside is dramatic around there, very different from the soft, rolling hills of Mid Devon. I didn't take any pictures, apart from this one, snapped from the car window on my way home. I got home pretty late last night, so it's a slow start this morning, with a crazy kitten climbing up my leg, ouch. Back later with pictures from today, I need to get really busy. Happy Monday everybody.


Dennis Allen said...

"This is not just about selling pots" is good to remember. I have gained so many friends doing this that the money pales in comparison. Sometimes it is really pale !

Dan Finnegan said...

Not the most elegant setting for selling pots, I'd say. I hope that the cheese was worth it!

smartcat said...

Hi.....I came here via angdesign. Nice stuff you have; lots to explore.
Sympathies for the migraine they can be the devil incarnate!