Sunday, 29 September 2013

Saturday's stuff on Sunday

Hi there
My goodness it's been a difficult week, the terrible struggle with confidence that is at times absolutely crippling. Thankfully I'm managing to work my way out of the hole that my mind creates for itself. I decided to do a late night last night, so turned up some abrasive and motivating music and made pots in to the early hours.
 These are 3lb jars. The picture shows the lids before they were turned and the knobs thrown on. I made these because the big jugs I was trying to make, just kept going wrong.
 and here with the knobs.
These are some mugs, thrown with soft clay on the kickwheel.

A very large jug, freshly decorated with dandelions.

These are some large bowls that I made last night.
I'm off to the workshop in a minute to make some more. I rarely make bowls or flaware, although I find them a lot less difficult to throw than jugs and jars. I'll have the stress of trying to decorate them tomorrow - hmm, that's why I don't make them.

Back later, here are are the movies, bye for now


Unknown said...

Douglas, you have an army of followers out there that love what you do. Just remember this when you're having a crisis of confidence. You are da man! ;-)

ang design said...

hahahaah you have it even when you don't...take a short break... go for a stroll or have a sleep ...things are always better the next day....awesome work my friend xx

Alex said...

more bowls please

Anonymous said...

Oh! So much fun - love, love all the "making" scenes. ♥

gz said...

you were just MEANT to make jars that day!

Unknown said...

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