Saturday, 8 January 2011


Different Dave and I went on a road trip to Cornwall yesterday, to Peter Swanson's pottery, near Penzance. We went to pick up the huge blunger that Peter has kindly given me, that I'd attempted to collect just before Christmas. I hired a truck with a tail lift, because the machine is so incredibly heavy. Peter had managed to get the bolts undone that we'd struggled with last time, so we were able to get it out of the door on rollers and broken down into several heavy sections.
I was really anxious that because of the size and weight of the thing, that we still weren't going to be able to move it, but Different Dave, who has done a lot of shifting of heavy weights in his time, was brilliant and lead the operation. Much leverage, and shoving and shunting was required, before the huge machine, which weighed over a tonne, was loaded safely on to the truck in separate sections. Getting it off again when we got back to Hollyford, took a similar amount of brute force and cursing. It's going to be a while before it's all rebuilt and put into operation, but it's going to be a fantastic asset once it's working, thank you very much Peter.
Back in the workshop, lots of mugs with handles.

Next week, nose to the grindstone with full scale production, but not before the delights of tackling the dreaded tax return - groan.

Happy weekend all.


Mr. Young said...

That's a LOT of mugs!

Anna M. Branner said...

Ew taxes. Even with an accountant for a husband (please do not hold it against him!) taxes and inventory are no fun!

Ron said...

Glad you got the blunger. I sent those other pics to ya, hope that helps. Good luck w. taxes. We'll prob. start on ours soon.

klineola said...

Ah, yes, Brute Force and Cursing! I have a similar saying, "Brute Force and Ignorance". Good luck getting it back together.

We're working on our taxes as well. Fun stuff to do during a snow storm.

The mugs are looking good!

Unknown said...

Doug, you make me exhausted just reading your blog! Happy new year.....Amanda x