Sunday 22 August 2010

Some pots from the last week

Some stuff from this week

Cider tankard
8lb fat jug
Mixing bowls and tapered jugs.



Anonymous said...

Those mixing bowls just look perfect. A bit like the bread mixing bowl my forebears used here in Yorkshire. I especially like the rubbed off inner rim. Greta. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

I wish it were possible to correct spelling mishtooks after posting a comment! Grr.

Dan Finnegan said...

Doug, I've tried to phone you several times this week and failed to reach you...I'll try again tomorrow.. the story of why I can't make it to Devon is too long to type, but I'm grieving that I can't.

doug Fitch said...

Hi Richard, yes, they made some lovely ones in Yorkshire. Check out Isaac Button, from Soil Hill, Halifax

Dan, not to worry, a pity but we'll get another chance to make some pots I'm sure. Looking forward to seeing you on your side of the pond :)

ang design said...

love those bowls are they a new line?? man things are cranking up in your studio!!