Thursday, 6 May 2010

Techniques Using Slip

I got this book through the post earlier in the week.

The picture on the cover is the beautiful work of Yo Thom

It's a really well written publication, penned with warmth and understanding by my friend, the potter, teacher and writer, John Mathieson.

John says, 'This book was written to the music of Dave Domone, Bob Dylan, Robert Johnson, Paul Mathieson, Tom Rush and John Stewart - music with the bark still on'. Love it!

It was particularly exciting to get the book, because I'm in it. This is me doing my thing.

I was really chuffed to see a picture of this pot on the frontispiece. It's the pot that I made during the filming of Hollyford Harvest and lives on a shelf above my workshop door.

Representing the USA, our very own Mr Ron Philbeck

My good chum Paul Young has a page

and the splendid Mr Dylan Bowen

and of course his father, my great hero Clive Bowen.
There are lots more potters featured in the book, historical information, glaze recipes, process instructions, loads of great pictures and much more.

I hope A&C Black forgive me for copying the images. You can(and should!) buy the book, at the bargain price of just £11.49!!!


potterboy said...

Thanks for the heads-up - I've ordered a copy.

Couldn't resist a quick search, and glad to see this listed too:

cookingwithgas said...

very cool!

Armelle said...

Thank you to share, it's exactly the book, I was looking for. I saw Yo Tom's work last year at Whichford pottery, so sensitive !!!
So I buy it now.

Anna M. Branner said...

Its not available on US Amazon yet. But I am definitely ordering from AmazonUK! Thanks for the heads up. I too have been looking for something like this.

ang design said...


Paul Jessop said...

Very Nice indeed Mr Fitch.

Anonymous said...

Hello! Always nice to see your potts, I've been a fan of your blogg for a while now, and want to buy the book too.

Skog said...

Hello! Always nice to see your potts, I've been a fan of your blogg for a while now, and want to buy the book too.

Anonymous said...

hi doug, congrats for getting being featured in the book. looks like a veritable who's who and i love the fact that john mentions who he was listening to whilst writing.

Joe Troncale said...

Good job! Hopefully US Amazon will carry the book.
Thanks. Great work!

doug Fitch said...

Cheers all
It's a lovely little book, loads of info and great pictures. I'm looking forward to Nic's book Andy, should be a good one, I've seen the draft