Monday, 24 May 2010

Muddy Monday

Life's pretty busy at the moment - it feels like I've taken a bit too much on really. I'm trying to learn my lines for the summer play in the village - I have a much bigger part than I did in the panto, so I have a cd of my own voice running all day. I had to play all the parts on the cd, including the womens' roles and although it's been baking hot today, I haven't opened any of the windows incase anybody passing the workshop might hear me talking to myself in silly voices and think I've finally lost the plot. I'm having to go to rehearsals for the play twice a week. Add that to late night working on a Wednesday with Marky Mark and band practice on a Friday night, it means I'm not getting much time at home.

I've got lots going on in the workshop, with the summer shows just around the corner - The Contemporary Craft Fair is a couple of weeks away, followed by Earth and Fire at Rufford later in June. I also have an on-line exhibition with Geoff Fuller at the excellent Earthmarque Gallery, so I'm trying to make a lot of pots. I made some more of these big jugs today. I need to make some bowls this week - each time I set out to do that, I wind up making jugs.
Here are the cider jars. I decorated them at the weekend - MC style.
And some little jars today which will need lids tomorrow. Bathtime, have a good week all.


togeii said...

Thank you for the links. The Earth and Fire looks interesting.

ang design said...

cider jars look lovely.. happy show season too!!

Anonymous said...

You have reached the point where you need to be cloned.
Great pots. Are the cider jars slipped and scraped or are they painted? Just curious. Beautiful either way...
Joe Troncale in PA

Anonymous said...

Hi Doug, Hope all is well?Just want to say Great pots and its really good to have another grumpy old man to talk to on the phone. Always feel better after talking Pots ,Firing, Kilns and how people with good taste are the minority. All of those with good taste are heading to Rufford this year to buy every pot that we can take with us. What a great chance for them to buy our beautiful work! Take care, I expect I'll phone for another grumble next week. Nic.

Paul Jessop said...

Hey where are you on the blogging front. will you be at Bovey on Thursday afternoon, as I'm bringing some pots down for the west country potters stand.
hope to see you there.