Wednesday 24 February 2010

Late one

Just in after a very, very, long day. Here are some pictures of today's stuff.

Sloppy slip

Big jugs

Bowly, dishy, platey things

How did this leafy thing get into my head? - Ah, Dorset Cereals - well it is a harvest jug so it's appropriate I suppose
Something a little simpler on this jug - fewer marks, but bolder. The slips won't have such extreme contrast to them once they're fired, it will all mellow down somewhat.
3lb jars. I always love to see a whole load of jars in rows - a lot of work in these - essentially two pots with the jar and the lid. There's something very satisfying about making them. I decorated some of these tonight, the rest I'll do in the morning.

I reckon I have about half a kiln load now, so lots still to make - another long day tomorrow - I'm loving it at the moment though, so the graft isn't a burden.

Goodnight all


cookingwithgas said...

love that fresh wet slip and those jars are just grand!

Ron said...

Hey, I think we keep missing each other on Skype. Happy potting tomorrow.

Anna M. Branner said...

What a (half) load of great work! :)

Trish said...

A successful day for you :).
Love the look of the jars all lined up :). Good eve.

ang design said...

ah lovely stuff so the jars are joined then? cool..trying that kinda thing at the mo getting way too adventurous but learning all the time!! yummy deco...

Paul Jessop said...

I love that close up slip pic, what a great load of pots. I was looking on your blog the other day and it inspired me to get back on the wheel. I had a cracking day yesterday, and just like you say once your in the zone it feels great. so thanks for kicking my arse into gear.

gz said...

Luscious slip!
(is that spam I see above my comment?Should be reported!)

Anonymous said...

is that green slip ? you made this edition of ceramic review, well done, a mention about Hollyford Harvest. In the first picture of the elizabethan lady it looked like she was processing with her ladies in waiting behind her, how aloof she looked.

doug Fitch said...

Evening all and thank you. Wet slip is beautiful. The slip is just a plain wjite ball clay from North Devon. The Elizabethan lady is in green slip - the same ball clay with a little copper oxide added. I like thaat description Tim :-)

Jars aren't joined Ang, although I have done them before with two joined together - always a problem when you want to wash one out and the other is still full of jam!