Monday, 21 December 2009


It was a freezing cold day on Friday when we fired the kiln. The ground was rock hard with frost and the wind was cutting. As the day went on, the frost thawed and the grass surrounding the kiln turned to mud. The firing went smoothly. Here's my good friend and hero, Clive Bowen stoking firebox 2.

We fired on into the early evening. Here's Matt in the park, in the dark.

Sunday morning we drove back to Bideford for the opening and unpacking. It was a great firing and all the kids' tiles came out beautifully. I think they will all be on display in Appledore for their arts week next year. Unfortunately my camera has finally given up, so I'm waiting for Matt's pictures of the opening which I'll post as soon as I get them.

It's been a very busy and tiring week, with much going on in the workshop too. More about all that at a later date. Time to start thinking about Christmas now, although I have a few things still to do in the workshop so I'll be in and out. I have to brave the crowded streets of Exeter tomorrow. As I type, the cats are destroying the Christmas tree, goodness knows what a mess we'll come down to in the morning. Goodnight all.


FuturePrimitive Soap Co. said...

Matt said you never sleep...whatever's wrong with ya boy?

Gary's third pottery blog said...

thank GOD for cats, keeping us all humble and alert....

Ron said...

Glad it went well. Hope Matt gets those pics

Anna said...

The firing looks amazing,cant wait to see more pics.
have a great xmas and a happy new year.
Your bowl has pride of place on my dinning table.
cheers from Anna

Anonymous said...

We had to put our tree outside, Miffy & Doug just went beserk when they saw it! It must be genetic