Tuesday 7 July 2009


I really do need to make some pots as Art in Clay is fast approaching, but I'm still allowing shed building to distract me. Luke's been helping me, it's been good to have some time together. He's not done much of this kind of thing before, so I've been teaching him skills like hitting big nails really hard with a hammer.

We got the end wall of the kiln shed finshed today. It looks a bit odd on this picture, it's the angle of the camera I think/hope.

It'll be great if it's dry tomorrow, we've had torrential rain for the last two days, so everything's disgustingly muddy underfoot. If it is good weather tomorrow, Luke's going to be cracking on with painting the new bits. I may even get some making done, then this might revert to being the pottery blog it's supposed to be.

Happy Wednesday eveybody.


ang design said...

well, looking great, all you need is a couple of tea ladies and a kitchen and you'll be set for visitors....

Paul Jessop said...

Can I be a Tea Lady ?
Can I ?
Can I ?

Gary's third pottery blog said...

happy Wedsnesday to you too and who needs pottery in a blog?????

Paul Jessop said...

Ok I can't resist it any longer.
What do you call a kid with a spade sticking out of his head.