Saturday 4 July 2009

Fundamentally floored

Finished digging the floor out yesterday, so all set for breaking the wall down, then concreting the new floor next week.

It's been like an archaeological dig. I unearthed the cover for my chainsaw blade - hadn't seen that for ages, the world is a safer place.

I dug up lots of pots shards from the first few disasterous firings at Hollyford, when brown, bloated pots were flung in fury, through the window. There were some shockers. These lids are pretty dodgy - heavily thrown and carbon bloated, while other pots had the life squeezed out of them and were thrown ridiculously wafer thin.

The more earth I have to remove from the floor, the more new flowerbeds I have to create to accommodate it, not that that's a problem, I love my little garden. This one will hold a fruit tree which I hope to buy today.

A weekend off, no shows or rushing about all over the country, hurrah!


Alex Matisse said...

Doug, the addition looks great! I have a question....
Can you tell me a little bit about those big earthen blocks that are in the background? I apologize if I missed a previous post about them... I am thinking about what the walls will be for my workshop which will have a post and beam frame. Im weighing the cost of a commercially manufactured product or the relative cheap cost but high labor of slip straw or something of the sort.

Paul Jessop said...

Doug, you could have got Time team in they would have dug your floor up for free!!!!!

Nicola Richards said...

Hi, only just got round to looking up your blog after meeting you at Taena weekend. Enjoyed your Sunday demo with Paul very much and still think that your slip drawings should be exhibited along side your lovely pots. I came away with a renewed interested in slip decoration. Check my pots out, very different from your work but I too like to draw through resist slip before smoke-firng -

Brad Lail said...

It all looks so great man! I wish I could be there to see it in person. It is all very exciting seeing it all unfold for you. Keep up the amazing pots. Have you ever thought of just leaving it a dirt floor? it would cut out on dust and stuff. Isnt the other part of your shop a dirt floor?

doug Fitch said...

Howdy all
Alex, good to hear from you. Those blocks are just concrete. I was chatting to my chum Nic Collins today about your question. He's just building a workshop from cob, which I think is probably the same as slip straw. He said to tell you to feel free to get in touch with him and he'll tell you all about it. Here's his link, hope it helps
Send my best wishes to Joseph if you will.

Did think of having an earth floor Brad, but it's so wet and rainy in Devon, I think it would just end up being stuck to the bottom of my shoes. You must come back some time before too long.

Nicola, was good to meet you at Taena, thanks for dropping by on the blog. I checked your work, it's very fine. Pleased you had a good time, it was quite an inspirational event. Peter Smith was brilliant I thought.

Hey PJ, hope all's well and business is good - catch you soon

Alex Matisse said...

I clicked on the picture this time and what do you know...concrete! Ill tell Joseph you said hey. He just got back from a little vacation...