Wednesday, 22 April 2009


Ang was asking what's going on with this little shed. Well originally I put it up as a little lean-to in which I was going to process the clay from the woods, but since then it's developed into a small place which will be used to store and display finished work. At present, all my finished pots have to live in my grubby workshop.

Alongside the new shed, you may be able to work out the kiln shed window on this grainy picture. This is going to be turned into a door and will lead into another shed that I'll start building next week. I need more space and I've been wanting to build these extensions for years.

I'm using scavenged materials, the majority of which has come from the recycling centre a few miles from here. The picture's dark because I was working until late tonight, trying to get the place cleared up a bit before heading off to Buxton for this weekend's show, Ceramics in the Round. I made the small bench infront of the shed with pots on today as one of my display plinths for the Buxton show.

It's about time that I made some new pots, this blog seems to be about everything but at the moment. I'll be getting busy with that next week.


ang design said...

oh excellent the picture is all coming together now, i love your little bench what a great way to display your wares in a show..ta for the link too my CC show opens fri night with a preview and sunday so i'll have some more pics up soon..

Peter said...

Good luck with Ceramics in the Round (I'm assuming you have work on show there). Glad that the darkness in your shed photo wasn't caused by some natural disaster (volcano or tropical storm) or the end of the world, but by working late! It will be nice to have a display area. It is frustrating to have one's finished pots slowly disappearing under a layer of dust and studio grime, which is what happens here!

Dare I ask how things are going for potters in the UK at the moment as the world plunges into the dust and grime of economic decay?? Are things truly awful, with potters fleeing the wheel to take up careers in brain surgery, or local politics, or are some of you able to box on and manage OK?

Quite a few galleries are closing down in NZ (not that many were prepared to sell ceramics anyway), and prices of many raw materials have become horrendous, it's been tough for potters here for years, but I don't know where things are heading now.

Best Wishes, P.

Paul Jessop said...

Nice Shed does it have a hook to hang your ANORAK on ?

it will do I'll bring you a nice one down next week.