Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Back to work...just

I went to work this afternoon. It seems like ages since I was there last, but it was only Friday.

The last few days have been great, doing family stuff, walking on the beach, lunching in town and watching our local team Exeter City win a really important footy match in front of a capacity crowd - hurrah!

I do feel guilty when I don't go to work, but having had a much more successful firing recently has bought me a bit of time instead of a big shard heap and a panic to make replacements. Nevertheless, lots to get organized before Ceramics in the Round in Buxton a week on Saturday.

Luke's been doing some more modelling, practising for his GCSE art exam that he has to look forward to on Monday. I'm sure he'll do really well with it, he's very good with clay as anybody who remembers his coursework back in February will recall. I'll put a picture of his piece on when it's finished.

My boys are growing up so fast, I want to enjoy spending time with them before they decide they don't want to hang about with Mum and Dad any more - I'm sure that will all start when girlfriends arrive on the scene. With Joe at fourteen and Luke sixteen, that probably won't be long.

I didn't get a lot done today as it was mid afternoon before I got to the workshop - a bit of slipping on some small jugs and some bowls I made last week, slipped and decorated. I got a few more bowls thrown too which I'll decorate in the morning. It's a start anyway.

These little jugs are made from two pounds of clay...

and the bowls, five pounds.

Jess is coming tomorrow so I'll put in a full day, it'll be nice to see her and a good motivator for me too. I'm going to be teaching her how to make plates as I have an order for some and so does she.

I just wish I could take time off without feeling guilty about it, oh well, that's just the way it is.

Finally, thank you Peter in New Zealand for the Kreativ Blogger Award, you make some very beautiful jugs Peter, very fine indeed.

Happy Wednesday all.


Nicola said...

Hey there,

Happy Wednesday day to you too :)
Just finished setting up the new blog for Argyll Pottery, it took me long enough to get my head round sorting it out hahaha but now its set up it should be ok.
Hope all is well & dont feel to guilty about taking a wee bit of time off, it helps your work. Nicola x

Jude said...

No, don't feel guilty about spending time with your family.......
Loved the piece about you that Robin Wood wrote.
Those bowls are fab.

Paul Jessop said...

Putting the family first is not a bad thing. I'm gonna look at the argyle blog now.

ang design said...

hope 'little dougs' exam goes well, kevin tells us about his art exams in the UK, apparently they were quite the challenge...all the best luke..

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comments Doug.
Let me know when you're coming to the pottery I'll be happy to show you around. Jack Doherty is the lead potter, do you know him?
I love your taste in music by the way, I'm with you all the way there. Have you heard of a band called British Sea Power? I've been to see them a few times I think you would like them very much.

Anonymous said...

go luke go and good luck

Anne said...

I love the look of these traditional looking pots. ...and to be back visiting your blog.
All the best!