Tuesday 10 March 2009


Another exhausting twelve hour day today. That's how it's going to be for the rest of the week. I'm loving it though and the workshop's filling up fast.

Today I've been decorating.

And throwing 8lb jugs. These too will have applied decoration tomorrow.

I also pressed some more dishes

Then decorated one of yesterday's in a traditional manner.

I based it on this old North Devon baking dish that was made in Fremington in the nineteenth century. The slip-smeared melamine board is my 'sketchbook'. I use it to work out my design, before hitting the wet pot. It helps me to loosen up too.

The rest of the day I decorated pots made earlier in the week - just simple combing. These will look much more interesting when they're fired - a lot more definition in the slip.

Jess is coming tomorrow. I think she might be rather surprised just how much the workshop's filled up since last week. I think she won't be at all surprised to see the chaos. I'm running out of room.

Well that's it, I'm off to bed, knackered. Goodnight all.


ang design said...

lovely stuff doug, what appeals to me about your deco jug work is the freshness of it, nothing is over worked, judt yum...

doug Fitch said...

Aw bless you Ang - that's what I try to do - use only as many marks as are necessary, then let the materials do the rest - sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't - it drives me mad when I put one too many marks on a pot, then it's all too late, you can't do a thing about it and the pot's ruined in a split second. xx

Ron said...

Wow Doug all really nice. You're the man!