Sunday 8 March 2009


We went to the Boot Sale this morning. Luke has to do an eight hour painting paper for his GCSE and one of the titles is Car Boot Sale, so he went to seek inspiration. I went to seek bits of pottery and found a sweet little Svend Bayer jug for 50p - bargain. Hil found a lovely bit of celeriac and Joe a computer game, so a successful trip out all round.

I went to the workshop this evening to try and get some pots made. It was in need of a bit of a sort out, so I gave it a quick tidy up before making three ten pound jars. With a bit of force drying from the gas burner, I was able to turn the lids and throw the knobs on. The lids are very tall, I weighed out too much clay, but thought I'd go with it and see what might happen. They look a bit like the Keystone Cops, but I think they'll make more sense once they've had their finger-wipe decoration - time will tell. Maybe a bit oriental for my brown English mud?

There's so much going on at the moment. I have to get the last of my pots made this week ready for the next firing. There are lots of pots that need decorating tomorrow, then force drying for bisc firing. I've got to go to Scotland towards the end of next week to demo for the Scottish Potters Association and I'll be away for nearly a week. The firing of the wood wood kiln will be at the end of the week that I return from Scotland.

The pots will be taken virtually hot from the kiln, to Winchcombe for the Derby Boys show.

I still have to finish the drainage trench off too and I have to collect the fuel for the firing. Lots of pots to make this week, force dry and bisc fire aaaaaaaghhhhhhhhhhhh too much to think about!

Bowls and platters tomorrow.

Happy Monday all


Dan Finnegan said...

Those lids are shaped like the butter dish I use every day.

ang design said...

very tall, should be nice with the deco on..happy pot drying..

Margaret Brampton said...

Celeriac! I think Hils drew the short straw there.

Hannah said...

So you're actually coming? Blimey! Still won't believe it till I see it.