Tuesday 10 March 2009

Kiln build the Collins way

Here's Nic's latest video complete with punk rock soundtrack - the sensitive amongst you beware.

Nic's currently taking bookings for his Kiln Building Course. This course has changed the lives of quite a few people over the years. You not only get the full-on Nic Collins Dartmoor experience, which is enlightening and inspiring, but you also get the Love Daddies at the closing party - what else could you wish for?

I just found the following passage on Blogger Andy's blog, so stole it! Ha ha.

'I did this last August, and I can tell you, it's great fun. You build a kiln almost from scratch - an anagama type kiln - then fire it with your own pots in it for two or three days - then visit some other potters - then party like there's no tomorrow - before opening and seeing the results.

For anyone who makes pots, it's a real opportunity to try something new, or if you want to build your own kiln, it's an opportunity to get expert tuition and advice from one of Britain's top wood firers. Wood firing is like nothing else - the intensity and connection with the process of firing is extreme - and the results are rich and rewarding and utterly unique every time.

Normally I wouldn't advertise anything on this blog (and he hasn't even paid me to do it either!), but this is really worth doing and if you have the time, I highly recommend it. The course runs Friday 28th August 2009 to Sunday 5th September 2009. At it would be cheap at twice the price.

I'd also recommend taking the camping option, for maximum effect (although having champagne for breakfast each morning in the hotel was quite nice...)'

So there you go, what are you waiting for? Book today to avoid disappointment, right here!

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Amy said...

wow.... how fun it would be to take that course!