Tuesday 17 March 2009

A mug for Mr Perry

Sunshine came to Devon in the past few days, which has meant that I've been able to dry stuff outside - that's made life a lot easier as I've been frantically firing bisc kilns every day. It's been such hard work, fifteen hour days and working all weekend, but it's done. All made, the majority biscuited and ready for firing a week on Sunday/Monday.

Tomorrow I head off for the long trek up North to Scotland to demo for the Scottish Potters Association. I'll stay overnight in Gloucestershire with Blogger Matt tomorrow, then w'll head off to Hannah's in Castle Douglas on Thursday. Friday, with Hannah on board, we'll drive a further three and a half hours to Kindrogan and the venue.

Because everything's been so frantic, I've not had time to even think about the weekend, which is good, because I haven't got worried about it either, although tonight it did all become real as I was trying to assemble my slide show.

I've made many pots in the past few days. Our computer, which holds most of the pictures of what I've been making, has pretty much ground to a halt again, so I'm using Hil's work laptop to write this. My apologies to folk to whom I owe emails, I'll get on th case as quickly as I can.

I've made bowls, jugs, a sgrafitto puzzle jug, all sorts of stuff, but the photos are on the othr computer. One of this week's projects has been to make eighteen mugs, all different - I enjoyed doing them.

This one's for my blogging chum, Clay Perry. I'm swapping it for one of his very fine carved canes. I thought I should make him a special mug, so this is a portrait of the man himself. I'll get it sent off hot from the kiln, very soon Clay.

This is fab. Here's one of Jess's mugs that she made last week. She came up on Monday evening and I taught her how to pull handles, which is a very tricky technique to master. The handle on this little mug was only the second one that she's ever made - I think that's pretty impressive.

Well there's so much more stuff to write, but I'm going to sign out now and go to bed because I'm shattered. I'll leave you with this video which shows the pixies at work unpacking Nic's kiln. The best pots from this firing will be available when his on-line Spring exhibiton opens on Friday at 6 pm. It runs until Sunday 22nd March. I dashed up to Nic's on Monday to borrow some big kiln props and had a look at the pots while I was there. He's got some very tasty looking pots, so do take a peep.

To check out what's been happening and to view the finished pots when the show is launched, click here.

Well that's me done for now. I'll report back from Scotland next week - wish me luck!

Take care everbody, bye for now.


Peter said...

Lovely to see the hustle and bustle of your most productive studio. As always your photos of the process of making slipware are enlightening and helpful and I appreciate your generosity in "opening" your workshop to the rest of us in this way. Congratulations to Jess on her pulled handle. I've been trying to do them for the last 5 years and am only just starting find myself enjoying them and feeling more confident.
All the Best for your trip to Scotland, P.

angihatspots said...

Hi Doug I have just read your post on pulling handles. I have huge trouble with 'em and thought a small lesson would correct the problems. Would it be possible for me to come and see you sometime(convenient)and have a lesson? STill following your blog!

ang design said...

All the best dougstar, you have been busy.. happy travels

Jerry said...

Sounds like it will be a fantastic fun-filled weekend! Have a good time.

Sister Creek Potter said...

Yes, good luck! And have a great time on your lovely trip! Gay

Clay Perry said...

the mug looks wonderful doug, thank you..

good luck in Scotland!

Alexandra said...

Hope it goes well in Scotland!