Saturday, 17 January 2009

Weekend working

Just in from work, quick bath, then out again to my brother's place down near Plymouth. Here are a few random shots of stuff that's going on in the workshop at the moment - it's looking a lot more likely I'll get a kiln load finished in time for the firing on 30th Jan after today's efforts.

This is today's make, pancheons and shallow dishes of various size and proportion, the largest dish is about 16 inches across, which is as wide as will fit in my bisc kiln.

Finger wipe deco on a 3 pound jar.

Green slip combed on a 6 pound jar

Big tankard with applied deco

Force drying a pancheon - lots of that going on at the moment.

And another big tankard, inspired by my walk through the orchard.

Got to go, more soon

Happy Sunday all.


Michael Mahan said...

Very nice photos of some very nice work, Douglas. I especially like the steamy pot.

The tankards look enormous, like 18" tall or something. I assume they're nearly standard sized. It's just the close-up that makes them look so large.

Very nice. Are you anywhere near London? My wife and I will be there Jan. 31 I think, but just for a day.



Kip said...

Wow, I love the photo of force drying the pancheon - it looks like it's glowing! The way your slip breaks over the applied decoration on your pots is lovely as well - good luck getting everything through for the firing!

Ron said...

Hey Mr. Fitch. Nice pots as usual.

ang design said...

nice steam action..

Clay Perry said...

the "finger wipe deco" looks great.. i love that

Paul Jessop said...

Good to some wet clay !

Alexandra said...

Gorgeous pots!

doug Fitch said...

Hello everybody and thank you.

Cheers Michael - we're about 170 miles South West of London. I will have just fired the kiln the day before, so all the pots will be inside still cooling so I wouldn't have much to show you, apart from my little shed, but it'd be good to meet you. I think the tankards are about 9" tall - I'll measure them tomorrow.

Kip, that's something I think about when I mix my slip, not to make it too thick. I love the way that slip breaks on sprigs and rims etc. and hangs in incised lines etc. Some of the tankards have a black slip underneath the white, just to exagerate the effect.