Friday 31 January 2014


Evening all

Here's a little film of what we did today. Hannah is a fantastic decorator. It's rare that I would be brave enough to decorate one of her pieces, but the grasses on the centre of the large platter are by my hand, further embellished by Hannah's slip trailing. I'm a reluctant decorator, but Hannah encourages me and gives me confidence. I've always avoided flatware because of this, but I enjoyed my simplistic efforts on the big plate, a special moment captured in slip forever.

The little jug that I've been sgrafittoing is one of a number I was hoping to have available should anybody be looking for a Valentines Day gift for their loved one. The phrase on the front is appropriately by the Scottish Bard, Robert Burns. There are five of these little jugs, but as it's taken me all week to decorate just the one, maybe I'm being a bit ambitious to think that any more than this one will get completed in time. I expect I'll leave the other four here to scratch on, next time I visit in a couple of weeks time.

Tomorrow we open the wood kiln which will be exciting. I'll let you know how it goes. We know the bottom is a bit underfired in places, but otherwise we feel fairly optimistic that we did a good job - you never can tell though.

In the afternoon, we're heading off to Lancashire to visit Alex, before heading to Ruthin in Wales on Sunday, where Alex and I are presenting a talk at the Ruthin Craft Centre. After that, Hannah and I will continue on the long journey back to Devon where little Bernard the cat will be waiting to welcome us home no doubt.

Back tomorrow with firing news, be it good or bad

Goodnight all.

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gz said...

Lovely seeing you work together.
Is your talk to North Wales Potters?
say Hi from me if you are- I was a member in 1977/8 and 1981-98