Sunday 26 January 2014


Evening all
Here's a little film from today. I made storage jars and lids which will stay under wraps until I get back from Scotland.

I feel like I'm emerging from a debilitating episode of maker's block. My recent trip to Hannah's did the world of good for my confidence and made me realise that I can still make boards full of pots. For a while I just didn't want to make pots any more. Last year I was burned out, this year, I've found a new energy.

So an early start tomorrow and a long train journey to Hannah's, then a few busy days packing and firing her kiln.

I'll report back from across the border. I'd better go and pack my bag

Goodnight all


Gary's third pottery blog said...

Best wishes Doug, I know you had a rough time :)

Anna M. Branner said...

Fantastic film, great to see you making lids...I still struggle with that. But most of all I'm so happy that YOU are happier!

doug Fitch said...

Thanks Gary, good to hear from you. Anna, Hannah and I are snuggled up on the sofa under your beautiful blanket :)