Saturday, 10 December 2011

Teabowls in Tokyo

A while ago, I had a visit to my workshop from Koichiro Isaka, who is the owner of Gallery St Ives, Tokyo. He asked me if I would make some teabowls for an exhibition in his gallery.

The particular type of teabowls he asked for were Chawan. Of course I've never made such things, as I take my inspiration from the English tradition, rather than looking towards the East, so I proceeded to make them with some trepidation.Here are some of them. They're a very English interpretation of a Japanese form, I decided I had to just make, what I know how to make.
The exhibition opened last night. These photographs were taken by Koichiro in the gallery yesterday. There are about 80 Chawan in the show from some amazing makers.
There are pots by UK potters
And from Japan,
You can download the pdf catalogue here


cookingwithgas said...

they are in good company with your tea bowls- now to looks at them all...

Tracey Broome said...

Doug, I love these so much! Interesting conversation on the Imagine blog about them and others, btw!
These are such a different look for you, but if I walked into a room of teabowls I would know they were yours. Very nice!

doug Fitch said...

Thank you. Good to see you all on Tracey's blog, it took me back to a lovely day back in the spring :)

I read John's Imagine blog, there's certainly a debate to be had about it - I'm not sure I'd make them very often for the UK market, certainly I didn't put any in my recent show. but for Japan, it all seems to make sense. Each to their own really though, it doesn't worry me that folks make them and it all depends on where you look for your inspiration

Alex said...

doug those bowls of yours are fantastic, Im not surprised you are on the front of the catalogue.

Paul Jessop said...

Nice Bowls Matey!!