Monday, 12 December 2011

Check this out!!!!

I received an email this morning from Alex, with a link to this amazing piece of film. It's a British Pathe film, shot in 1930, of 'A man kneading some clay outside a brick building'.

This is so exciting for me. Helen Walsh, curator at York Museum, identified this unnamed potter as none other than my great hero, Michael Cardew, making pots at Winchcombe Pottery and sent it to Alex.

The slipware pots Cardew made in Winchcombe were in my opinion, his finest works and to see him as a young man, making and decorating them is incredibly moving. I've never seen this footage before, I can't think that many people have in recent times. Thank you Helen and Alex.

Enjoy this piece of lost pottery history everybody



Dennis Allen said...

Thanks for sharing Doug. I think that young man may have a future in pottery making.

Dan Finnegan said...

What a treasure, Doug! I've made (bad) pots on that very wheel!

Anna M. Branner said...

Awesome footage! You can tell how chilly the studio was....did you see the steam rising from his water bucket??

Ron said...

That is very cool.

Thomas L said...

that footage made my day..
amazing hidden gem thanks for posting doug really enjoyed it

.. now! to build that time machine and buy those old winch pots for a couple of shillings ^^

ang design said...

wow what a youngster!! really nice to watch something without sound was totally engrossing :))

Susan said...

Brilliant. Thanks for posting that and Alex and Helen too.

Pure treasure.

And that slip trailing, wonderful.

Paul Jessop said...

Fantastic footage, I love the way he got the shape spot on without having to fiddle about. and I'm amazed how thick that slip was.
And I don't feel such a whimp using warm water when I'm throwing on a cold day.

Quietly Otaku said...

I love Michael Cardew hes definately one of my pottery heros! I love watching him at work : )

Peter said...

Really enjoyed watching that, I have only seen the ones of Michael C. when he was quite old. The little glimpse around the workshop and outside was lovely too. Wish they had shown more of the kiln! The jug that he made was so like our Fishley Holland one. I had some further looks at other films in the archive too (for instance... there is a hilarious one on 1920's Flappers!!), how lucky we are to be able to access such things!

Do have a happy and relaxing Christmas. Lovely work that you are doing. P.

amy grimm said...

hey doug what a fantastic piece of history mr cardew at winchcombe. would u say the gent helping with the firing was elijah with his flat cap on?? hope ur well amy

Joe Troncale said...

I was just telling Dan I was at Winchcombe Pottery a few months ago, not realizing what a history the place has!!
Anyway, thanks so much for sharing. You do beautiful work!