Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Back from Rufford

Just had a really good weekend at Rufford. Thank you to everybody who bought my pots. I met some lovely people, old friends and new and had some great conversations.

Nic and I travelled together, along with two students, who are over from Austria. They are staying with Nic and Sabine for few weeks, on college placements. They were a big help throughout the weekend, particularly when Nic and I skived off on Sunday to watch the dismal England match.

While we were away, we stayed with our old chum from college days, 'Brigsy' and his wife, Claire, who always welcome us into their home when we travel to Rufford - they live a couple of miles away from the show. Big thanks to them for their kindness.

Here I am with my recent summer haircut, infront of my stand. I was glad to be short in the locks, because the sun beamed down on us the whole weekend.

It was good to see Alex McErlain and John Mathieson. The dishes they're holding were made on the Michael Cardew moulds I acquired some time ago. Some of you will remember that Alex made the film Hollyford Harvest at my place last year, for the Montpellier Film Festival. He called me yesterday to say that the film has now been selected as the opening film at the Reel to Reel International Film Festival in North Carolina. Thanks Ron for the nod on that one.

John Mathieson, on the right, wrote this fabulous book - and this one too.

Gnarly Nic....

and his beautiful pots - his stand looked brilliant, as always.

More of my chums, left to right, Paul Young, Tim Hurn and Arwyn Jones . Follow the links to see some fabulous pots.

Home again. We got up at 4 am on Monday morning and travelled back. Unloading at my workshop, the Austrian students, Matt in the van and Ramona on the right. My display unit was made from part of the old kitchen from the Village Hall, that I rescued from the bin - it was a bit tatty, but served the purpose.
The late nights, early mornings and hot weather took their toll on me however and yesterday I had a horrible migraine attack. My medication was packed in the box of important things that I'd taken away with me, which I'd left at the workshop, so it was a miserable day, followed by a migraine hangover today. I feel much better tonight thankfully.
I've just got home from the Village Hall, where we had the final, dressed rehearsal for the village play this evening. The play opens tomorrow night - eek. If it's anything like this evening's performance, I think the prompt is going to be playing most of the parts!

My on-line show with Geoff Fuller has gone live tonight and I see that already two of the pieces have been bought, how exciting. To view the pots, follow this

Well that's all for now, making pots and planting flowers tomorrow, nice :-)

Goodnight all


cookingwithgas said...

So close and yet so far!
I would love to see that in NC- I bet Ron can make it.
I will have to wait until they release it to DVD!

ang design said...

look at your lovely summer doo!! less like rick astley this year.. some lovely spaces appearing on your booth and mr Nic has some gorgeous stuff agin, thats would have been a great wkd..